Tiger shrimps

chili, ginger, mango salsa and grilled bread

3800 kr.

Beef carpaccio

Rocket, lemon and truffle dressing

3800 kr.


baby spinach, tomatoes, truffle oil and toasted pine nuts

3200 kr.

Cured Lamb

blueberry vinaigrette, parmesan flakes with Icelandic herbs

3990 kr.

Slow cooked trout

goat cheese purree, redbeets,sour apples with wasabi crust

3990 kr.


Toast with anchovies

3190 kr.

Beef skirt-steak

chimmychurry, fried potatoes

3690 kr.

French fries

1690 kr.

Mixed olives from Spain

3190 kr.

Deep fried Camembert

with black currant jam and toasted Brioche bread

3690 kr.


tomato chili sauce and grilled bread

3690 kr.

3 course bistro menu


baby spinach, tomatoes, truffle oil and toasted pine nuts

Crown of lamb

ratatouille vegetables, red wine sauce and lime-garlic


9200 kr.

Moules frites

Icelandic mussels from Breiðafjörður

white wine, cream, ginger, chili, garlic, chilantro served with french fries and aioli.

5200 kr.


Lemon sole

Fried whole with butter, lemon, capers, ratte potatoes

7200 kr.

Arctic Char

Mashed potatoes, raisins, almonds, honey

5890 kr.

Baccala – Salted Icelandic cod

Puttanesca sauce and ratte potatoes

5990 kr.

Fish of the day

Todays garniture

5200 kr.


Grilled chicken breast à la Kastrup

6890 kr.

Pepper steak

Beef tenderloin 250gr. 3 types of pepper, cognac, cream and french fries

8900 kr.


Happy Icelandic pig, anchovies, capers, lemon, french fries

6290 kr.

Confit de Canard

Parsleyroot purré, glazed shallots, orangesauce

6790 kr.

Crown of lamb

ratatouille vegetables, red wine sauce and lime-garlic

7890 kr.

Steak frites

Ribeye 300gr. 30 day marbled local butchers cut, Bernaise sauce and french fries

8900 kr.

Salad, risotto and hamburger

Duck salat

Fried sweet potatoes, radishes, orange leafes

5200 kr.

Cesar Salad

Royal chicken breast, romaine salad, croutons, caesar dressing

4990 kr.

Carnaroli risotto

Rice, green asparagus, parmesan

4990 kr.

Salad Chevre Chaud

Gratinated Goat’s cheese on crouton, red beets, walnuts, pears, salad

4890 kr.

Kastrup Cheeseburger

180 gr. cheddar cheese, tomato, onion, lettuce, mustard, ketchup, mayo and french fries

4890 kr.

Desert and cheese

French chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream

1990 kr.

Créme brúlée

1990 kr.

Traditional apple cake with whipped cream

1400 kr.


1990 kr.


með kirsuberjasósu

1990 kr.

Open faced sandwiches "Smörrebröd"

Curry Herring

Apple, cress, deep fried egg

2890 kr.

Shrimp and mayo

Hand peeled shrimps, lemon, may, cress

3890 kr.

Smoked salmon

Scrambled eggs and chives

3190 kr.

Fried plaice and remoulade

Homemade caper remoulade and herbes

3290 kr.

Egg and shrimp

Egg and hand peeled shrimp, lemon mayo and cress on rye bread

3690 kr.

Grilled cauliflower

Hazelnut mayo, hazelnuts and herbs

3190 kr.

Chicken salad

Little gem, apples and bacon

 3690 kr.

Beef tartar

Fried onions, raw egg yolk, horseradish, cress

3890 kr.


Remoulade, fried onion, horseradish, pickles, cress

3890 kr.

Confit duck

Dijon creme, pickles and fried egg

4290 kr.

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