Brunch Menu

Only available on weekends

Salad and sandwiches

Salad Chevre Chaud

Gratinated Goat’s cheese on crouton, red beets, walnuts, pears, salad

4890 kr.

Caesar Salat

Royal chicken breast, romaine salad, croutons, caesar dressing

4990 kr.


Sourdough, bacon lettuce heirloom tomato, mayo and french fries

4290 kr.

Steak sandwich “SURF & TURF”

Deep fried chicken, harissa yoghourt, hot honey, coriander, scallions and hot sauce

4890 kr.

Kastrup Cheeseburger

220 gr. cheddar cheese, tomato, onion, lettuce, mustard, ketchup, mayo and french fries

5890 kr.

Chicken and Waffles

Deep fried chicken, harissa yoghourt, hot honey, coriander, scallions and hot sauce

4690 kr.



Plain omelette, caesar salad, parmesan, crispy bacon

3890 kr.

Eggs Benedict / Norwegian 2 pcs

Toasted potato loaf, spinach, grilled ham / smoked salmon, poached egg and hollandaise

3890 kr.

Toasted sourdough and Egg

Scrambled eggs on toasted sourdough with parma ham and parmesan or smoked salmon and creme fraiche

3690 kr.

Bacon and fried egg

Toasted bread with butter and Herloom tomatoes

3690 kr.

Avocado toast

Toasted sourdough, mashed avocado, boiled egg and pico de gallo

3890 kr.


Happy Icelandic pig, anchovies, capers, lemon, french fries

6290 kr.

Steak and eggs

Ribeye 30 day marbled local butcher, fried egg, bernaise and french fries

9900 kr.

Toasted sourdough bread

Grilled aspargus, sauce hollandaise and poached egg

3890 kr.

Open faced sandwiches "Smörrebröd"

Christiansö spiced herring

Onion, capers, raw egg yolk, creme fraiche

3990 kr.

Curry Herring

Apple, cress, deep fried egg

2890 kr.

Shrimp and mayo

Hand peeled shrimps, lemon, may, cress

3890 kr.

Smoked salmon

Scrambled eggs and chives

3290 kr.

Fried plaice and remoulade

Homemade caper remoulade and herbes

3290 kr.

Egg and shrimp

Egg and hand peeled shrimp, lemon mayo and cress on rye bread

3690 kr.

Grilled cauliflower

Hazelnut mayo, hazelnuts and herbs

3190 kr.

Chicken salad

Little gem, apples and bacon

 3690 kr.

Beef tartar

Fried onions, raw egg yolk, horseradish, cress

3890 kr.


Remoulade, fried onion, horseradish, pickles, cress

3890 kr.

Confit duck

Dijon creme, pickles and fried egg

4290 kr.

Desert and cheese


Plain, butter and maple Berry compote and chantilly cream

2890 kr. / 3190 kr.

French chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream

1990 kr.

Creme Brulée

1990 kr.

Traditional apple cake with whipped cream

1400 kr.

Tart au citron

1990 kr

mimosa drinks and oranges on a counter


Long Island

2500 kr.


2500 kr.

Bloody Mary

3500 kr.

glasses of champagne with a champagne bottle in a bucket


Drappier Brut Nature

16800 kr. / Glass 3500 kr.

Laherte Fréres Blanc de Blancs Brut Nature

1800 kr.

Drappier Brut Nature

Magnum 32900 kr.

Bliard-Labeste Premier Cru

14800 kr.

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